Untitled 2Thanks for stopping by little corner of the Internet. I’m James and I recently graduated from The University of Arizona with a journalism and history degree and classics minor. I love history but sports journalism is my passion. I’ve been reading the sports page as long as I can remember and when I was a little kid I would watch cartoons on Saturday mornings and “The Sports Reporters” on ESPN on Sunday mornings.

I’ve written about youth, high school, junior college, NCAA and professional sports. For the Arizona Daily Star, I’ve covered high school athletics all around Arizona, youth sports, minor and major league soccer, cycling and running. For the Daily Wildcat, I’ve covered nearly every sport, men’s basketball, football, baseball, softball, ice hockey, women’s basketball, indoor volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, men’s tennis and club sports. I’m a Tucson native and Salpointe Catholic High School alumnus.

I love writing and feel like it’s my best skill, but I also love photography, videography, designing and online journalism. I just love to tell stories and inform. It makes my day when someone asks me for directions and I can help them.


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